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There is a common misconception that a Hospice is where people go when they are ready to die, the last stop on life’s journey.

These thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth. When we think of our Hospice we think of the Life of our patients. We think of their dignity, and caring for and understanding their needs. We think of our respectful and committed staff, using their knowledge to provide a supportive, efficient and responsible service and in 2011/12 we provided our services to over 1,800 patients and their families on the Island.  We think of the inspiring work that goes on every day within the Hospice and of all the support and loyalty that it inspires across the Island.

The Earl Mountbatten Hospice, while receiving a grant of a third of its running costs, still relies on the generosity of the public to raise over £2million each year to allow us to provide the services for which we are renowned.

We raise these funds through so many different avenues, we have a whole calendar full of Fundraising Events organised by the Hospice, that’s not to mention all the events put on by loyal supporters on the Island. There’s also money raised through money kindly left in will’s and Legacies, money raised through our weekly Lottery and through our Charity Shops.

All of these things have one thing in common, they are all organised with peoples own time and care, they all rely on the generosity of the public, and all the money raised goes directly to helping provide the wonderful work detailed elsewhere on our website.